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Take a Walk

Explore the Vineyards, the Heritage and the Food

The Côte de Beaune has a rich history and a cultural and gastronomic heritage; and, of course, it is famous for its vineyards.

There are many villages, renowned for their great wines, that will be happy to welcome you: Meursault, Pommard, Volnay and … Saint-Romain.

Beaune, capital of the Burgundy wine region, is very close and contains some treasures to discover: the Hospices de Beaune, the Climats museum, the Notre Dame basilica, the ramparts, and the streets and alleys that will entice you to take a stroll. In short, Beaune town is a joy to visit, and we will be delighted to recommend the best places of interest.

When it comes to vineyards, the choice is huge. There are sensory routes that allow you to explore our terroirs and our wines. From large houses to independent winegrowers, you will have the opportunity to awaken your senses through guided tastings and convivial exchanges.

And our gastronomic heritage is just waiting for you to discover – with regional specialties such as gougères, Burgundy snails, parsleyed ham, meurette-style eggs and beef bourguignon.

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Saint-Romain, a Life-Size Painting

When you arrive in Saint-Romain, take the time to stroll through the streets and alleys, go into the 12th century church and meander around the ruins of the old castle.

Surrounded by vines, Saint-Romain is a life-size painting for you to enjoy whatever the season.

Take a bike ride through the paths in the vineyards; walk along the GR7 and GR76 hiking trails that pass through the village; or follow the Roches trail (15 km) that leads to the Château de La Rochepot and returns via the cliffs of Orches and Saint-Romain, passing by the medieval ruins of Dracy.

You can also explore Beaune hiking trail no. 17 along which you will see fairy chimneys, archaeological excavation sites at the foot of the cliffs and the ‘Tartebouille’ cave.

Depending on your interests and desires, we are here to advise you throughout your stay and recommend all the best addresses.

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